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Impactful Scholarship and Public Engagement

The Center for Communication and Civic Renewal (CCCR) is an interdisciplinary research center that aims to understand public opinion and the broad political communication ecology of Wisconsin and beyond through a wide range of social science methods, including ethnographic fieldwork, public opinion surveys, computational analysis of social media and news content, and contextual modeling.

Center Leadership and Support

CCCR is led by Faculty Director, Dr. Michael Wagner, and Research Director, Dr. Dhavan Shah, and located in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Nathan Kalmoe serves as Executive Administrative Director for the Center.

The Center’s research efforts are funded by grants from the Knight Foundation and the National Science Foundation, among others.

Featured News

Dr. Wagner to Help Lead Major Social Science Survey

CCCR Faculty Director Michael Wagner has been selected to join the General Social Survey’s Scientific Advisory Board for a four year term beginning in September 2023.

Dr. Shah Wins Prestigious UW-Madison Award

CCCR Research Director Dhavan Shah has been awarded a WARF Named Professorship by the UW-Madison, which he designated as the Jack M. McLeod Professor of Communication Research.


More CCCR News

CCCR Alumna Jianing Li Wins Best Dissertation Award

CCCR Ph.D. student alumna Jianing Li has won the 2023 Thomas Patterson Award for Best Dissertation in Political Communication from the American Political Science Association.